What Does Nick Walsh Stand For?

I love this question!  Every four years we have an election.  But does anything ever change?  Candidates attend community meetings to outline their platforms, and every time the candidates will use the usual buzz-words to get you motivated.  They talk about transparency, accountability, fiscal management, programs for seniors, youth, and others… 

And in a flash, its all over.  Electors make their choices, and then politicians forget the electors ever existed. Ask yourself this:  “How many times has a politician written to you to thank you for your vote, and to ask you what your vision is for the community?”  My guess would be that it has never happened.

If you are looking for THAT candidate, its not me.  I’m here to ask:  “What do YOU stand for?”  What are your wishes and desires for the community?

We will never be able to please all of the people all of the time, but sure the heck can make an effort to find a consensus in the community.  I think we need to have development, otherwise the community will die.  A friend of mine recently brought up a very good point.  She talked about the string of ghost towns across Saskatchewan where those communities rejected development.  This really touched me. She was right.  We need development to live.  But we need reasoned and calculated development that is in the best interest of the overall community.

What council has NEVER effectively done is to survey the population in order to find that sweet spot.  Holding council meetings that can drag on for hours, and where agenda items can get pushed back to nearly midnight, or even to the next council meeting just don’t work for most of us. 

My mission is the flip that script.  I will have a permanent line of communication open to you, my employer, to express your needs and desire for future of this community.  I will hear your wishes and desires, then take them to council. If council presents a project or process that you don’t like, I want to know about it.  It could be that council just needs to explain it better or reframe it for a clearer understanding… or it could be that council needs to walk away from it, or have it substantially modified.  Your voice will make that happen, and my skills will be utilized to the best of my ability to back your stand.

Nick M. Walsh