Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Kernels

Bulk Wheat

This week my brother introduced me to a great survival food source.  We have access to bulk Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat kernels that can be stored in containers for up to 30 years.

This wheat can be used as needed to make all kinds of breads, pastries, pancakes, and more.  In fact, today my neighbor and I took a cup of kernels and ground them into flour with my Ninja Blender/grinder.  I would prefer an old sytle flour grinder, but that is coming next.  We made some great tasting organic pancakes with maple syrup!

We bring supplies up from the coast and stocks are limited.  If you want a 26-pound container of this wholesome organic wheat kernels, then let us know.  Containers will sell for $60 a piece FOB Peachland.   

Two Containers


When full of Wheat, the containers weight approximately 27 Pounds. The containers are ideal for storing Wheat, Rice, Lentils, Soup Mix, or other dried product for later use.   The containers are 16 inches in height, not including the lid.

Containers with NO Wheat will cost $20 each.  Containers with 26 pounds of wheat will cost $60.

All orders are custom orders and will take some days to prepare.