Remedial Actions Poll

This poll is established in order to reach a maximum number of people and to get an unofficial sense of the direction they would like to see this province moving in.

For the past two years, politicians across the entire spectrum here in British Columbia have all pushed the rogue narrative about COVID-19, Mask Mandates, The Use of Toxic Experimental mRNA Injections, potential treatments for COVID, and so-called “Vaccine Mandates.”

Given what we now know as of mid-April 2022, What do you think BC should do about its rogue politicians?  Are any salvageable?

What do we Know?

  • Masks never have worked!
  • Covid was man-made and deliberately weaponized against the population!
  • So-Called Vaccines are killing up to five times more people than they are saving!
  • The Real Pandemic is among the Vaccinated – with 92% of Covid deaths in the UK reported to be among the Vaccinated!
  • Ivermectin, along with Hydroxychloroquine and a range of health supplements have been tested and proven to be effective against Covid-19.
  • While politicians “claim” to follow the science, they aggressively resist anyone who wants to debate the science, proving that they do NOT follow the science.  All science, by nature, is open for debate and discussion.

In this respect, we would like to know your thoughts and feelings about this subject.

What would YOU do if you had the power?

You can choose as man answers as you feel appropriate!

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