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Why You Need a Poll, Referenda, or Survey Tool!

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Have you ever gone to a council meeting in your town and found that there were only about 50 people attending?  The Mayor calls for a vote and 30 of the 50 people support the motion!  That is a majority for sure!

Should 30 people out of a town of 3000 eligible voters be able to control the direction of the town?  That would be 1% telling the 99% how it’s going to be. 

One of the best way drill down into how your citizens want their town to be run is to ask them!

You could hire a fancy polling firm that will custom-design the question so that you get the answer you’re looking for (at a cost of about $25,000), or you could run a highly secure, customizable poll that asks real questions, that will bring real answers! All at a minimal cost!