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I hadn’t intended on getting into this side of the business after retiring here to Peachland. However, I had several friends who have small businesses and they were reporting that web design companies were asking crazy prices for simple web design. Not only were these companies asking $2500 to $3500 for a website, but they were limiting the customer’s ability to edit and work on their own site. In addition, they did not offer a range of email addresses for each domain offered. This left businesses frustrated and unable to show their brand online!

To help fix this situation, I take on small businesses or individuals who want to get online affordably and with the highest quality technology available. My servers are among the fastest on the planet. I’m available for help online until about 11 pm every day of the week!

My site generally runs between $400 and $500 each, then each year after that the maintenance cost is about $200. And… you can have up to 20 email addresses on your own private email server.

If a new website is in your future, then get in contact with us and we will give you a free consultation with everything known upfront.

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